With Years Of Expertise In Advertising And Creative
Industries, We Tend To Offer The Best Innovative Solutions
That Fit Our Clients’ Needs.

With Years Of Expertise In Advertising And Creative Industries, We Tend To Offer The Best Innovative Solutions That Fit Our Clients’ Needs.

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Fancify Your Real Estate Website

Fancify Pro - WPL Native Theme

Fancify is the first real estate theme with originally IDX and MLS Ready and a unique builder to help you build pages from scratch. With advanced fully customizable search.

Visual Construction Of Property Details

Agency Single Page Builder

Agent Single Page Builder

Claim Your 100% Voucher

Compatible With Popular Themes

With some of the most popular and versatile themes available for WordPress, you are able to customize your website to your unique designs


Listing Management

With Listing Wizard you can quickly and easily add, edit and manage listings, You are the boss. Completely manage all listings in one place from adding and editing to purging and changing owners.With Listing Wizard you can quickly and easily add, edit and manage listings, You are the boss. Completely manage all listings in one place from adding and editing to purging and changing owners.


Self Hosting Data And

Secure and search engine optimized to help you get the best rankings on Google. All systems and features are optimized and tested for security, speed, and quality. With added tagging and metadata functions as well as customizable, unique URLs WPL will give you all the tools for an SEO boost.


Search Widgets

Searches made easy. Fully manageable widget with customizable search field options and styles. You have control of what your search looks like as well as all the fields it includes with add, edit, hide and delete functions.



Google Map Functions

Get interactive with Google. Google Map Search: Property searches interactively displayed on Google Maps. Google Places: Display proximity to points of interest in relation to properties on Google Maps. Map Overview for Google Map: Keeps a zoomed out map in the corner to help keep you on track with the bigger picture.


Design Customizer

Easily Manageable Customization Features For Design

Easily manageable customization features for design. You have complete control over what your website looks like. You decide all colors, fonts and general layouts and placement. All fields can easily be edited or hidden as well as the ability to create your own.


Dynamic Search Parameters

The flexibility to search how you want. You will have the control to add special search parameters and customize the fields you include so make searching convenient to your users. For example, search by property type, price, zip code, or number of bathrooms, or all of the above!



Zip Code Search

Location is key. Ability to search by zip code. This feature gives users an added step of convenience when searching for specific properties in an area. Whether it is a school or electoral district keeping a user within a zip code, this function has the user covered.


Sitemap Integration

Do not stress about compatibility. Compatible with Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Google Sitemap Generator, and WordPress SEO to help you get the most out of your website. These 3rd party plugins give you more insight and useful knowledge about your website to help you make better website decisions.


Location Auto-Suggest

No time wasted! The system automatically filters and suggests location search fields while typing. Just like you see on big sites like Google, the search widget will filter suggested locations as you go, making the stress of time and spelling disappear.


GEO Meta Tags

Ability to enable GEO meta tag feature to increase SEO. GEO stands for Google Engine Optimization which sets specific parameters for ranking on Google like, SEO. With WPL, you have the ability to enable specialized GEO meta tags on your pages for extra SEO benefits specifically for Google.


PDF Flyer

Printing and sharing made simple. Optional, printable PDF formats of all properties are available with WPL. You have the control to enable or disable this feature for any specific property anytime you please. Creates easy to read, quality PDF files that you can print and share with clients on the go.


Full Multilingual Support

Flexible translations of websites are possible through WPML and other translation tools so you
never miss an international client.


Price Rebate

Ability to edit and change rebate percentages on prices. The price rebate function makes it easier than ever to showcase deals and update your listings the way it works best for you.


Bookmark/Favorite Widget

Love a listing? Users can easily bookmark listings by the click of a heart for easy access back to their favorites. This feature gives users a lot of convenience and encourages when to stay on your site longer.


Property Comparison

Easily compare bookmarked properties side-by-side. This function is easily accessible for clients simply by viewing their bookmarked listings. Properties and all their specs will appear in a table side by side to make comparisons and decisions easier than ever.


Flex System

It is flexible! Have full control of property data fields and what is and is not included. You have the ability to add, edit, and hide property data for each listing as well as creating your own custom fields.

Flex System

Our Key Feature

All you need for real estate under 1 roof. The most powerful and feature-rich platform on WordPress with over 70+ exclusive features varying from design customizations, extensive search feature options, to all the tools for great SEO.

Facebook And Twitter Meta Tags

The ability to easily share listings to Facebook &Twitter as well as customizable meta descriptions.

Pattern For Property Alias/Permalink

Create forms so clients to contact agents from the get-go about properties and request viewings.

Agent Contact Form Request A Visit

Create forms so clients to contact agents from the get-go about properties and request viewings.

Send to a Friend

Share because you care! Visitors can easily share a property with a friend through email

Profile Management

Brand yourself! Easily edit basic profile information like names, contact details and company logos.

Hide Address

This lead generating feature allows you to hide an address and prompt visitors to call for more information

More Features

Each professionally designed template in our ever growing library can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly

Walk Score Integration

Give your visitors information they want! Fully compatible with convenient web service, Walk Score.

Complimentary Installation

Need help with installation? We have you covered with complimentary service.

Configuration Support

Help and guidance through all configurations and installations of our products.

Priority Support

Get the attention you need and set priority for your support tickets.

Widget Shortcodes

Allows admin to publish a widget within page content.

Shortcode Wizard

Fully manage different layout views for properties.

Property Listing

Customizable displays of property results

Property Show

Ability to display all details of a property on a single, indexable page.

Listing Type

Full control and customization defining listing types such as, For Sale, For Rent, Vacation Rental, etc.

Property Type

Full control specifying and defining property types through the backend.

Agent Listing/Profile/Widget

Easily display agents that represent each property and create profiles with contact information for them.

Dynamic Metadata

SEO options are at your fingertips! Easily edit and change metadata and insert keywords for your marketing needs.

  • Radius Map Search : Visitors can activate a radius (distance) parameter in their search.
  • Carousel Widget: Powerful widget with premium feel! Customizable and capable of filtering properties to display in a carousel slide.
  • Advanced Sort Options : Ability to filter and sort search results based on customized defined options.
  • Scroll Pagination : Create a streamlined page by keeping all search results on one page that loads as you go.
  • More Details : Declutter your page with the option to add a “more details,” tab to separate a large number of data fields.
  • Sort Options : Fully customizable sort options with add/edit/delete functions. Ability to filter and sort search results based on defined options.
  • List/Grid Switcher : Be versatile! Give the option to visitors to switch between list and grid views. Room Type: Add, edit and manage different room types as fits your needs.
  • Deleting/Restoring : Easy deletion and restoration of property records.
  • Purging : Ability to permanently delete records from the database.
  • Open House Info : Ability to include Open House information in the property details.</spa n>
  • Access Control : Assign various levels of access to users/agents to the backend system.
  • Location Text Search : Ability to manually enter location fields into the system.
  • Hide Null Data : Automatically hide data fields without values.
  • Call For Price : This lead generating feature allows you to show a custom text, such as “Call for Price,” instead of a data field with the dynamic Flex System.
  • Abuse Report: Your website will have integrity! Allow visitors to report inappropriate content.
  • Location Database Search: Powerful widget with premium feel! Customizable and capable of filtering properties to display in a carousel slide.
  • Advanced Sort Options : The option to activate/deactivate specific location search criteria.
  • Property Confirmation : Ability to add admin confirmation before publishing new listings.
  • Map Type for Google Maps : Enjoy the ability to choose between 5 types of map views.
  • Mouseover For Property Markers : Allows visitors to view property detail by hovering over a property with a mouse.
  • Solving Bugs : Bug fixes performed on a routine basis.
  • Frequent Updates : Updates rolled out as often as our developers can work.
  • Support Forum : Access to hundreds of self-help articles about our products and services.
  • Knowledge Base Article Access : Ability to include Open House information in the property details.</spa n>
  • Hide if Zero : Set a field to become hidden if value is set to 0.
  • Unit Management : Not from the US? No problem. Full control on unit measuring systems.
  • Multi Currency : Daily syncing of currency exchange rates so you don’t lose your international clients.
  • Import/Export Feature for WPL Settings Menu : Easily export settings in XML, JSON, or CSV formats to import to another WPL.

High Performance

Speed is important to us. Everything is optimized to make your website run smoothly. With the features like, we have enabled, such as scroll pagination, you will never have to worry about your site slowing down or whether the data will hold up.

Our Client Say

We pride ourselves with great service, and over 95% of our clients would agree!


Easy Plugin, great support

I chose this plugin for a property management website I designed for a real estate client. After sifting through, and testing out, several other similar plugins, I found WPL Real Estate best fit my client’s needs.


Phenomenal Plugin

Upgraded from Basic to Pro and the customer support is phenomenal! Definitely worth it.


Great plug-in

Great plug-in and fast service. I liked the free version and now I am update to WPL PRO and MLS Integration. A perfect combination! Thanks


Great system

Great system and support I love this system as it is the most elaborate one around. Everything is customizable and support is real quick and to the point. Would recommend to anyone!


Fully Responsive &
Retina Ready

Always looking good. WPL is fully responsive and retina ready which means your website will look sleek, professional and optimized on any device. Your users will have just as pleasant experience on your site moving from computer to mobile/tablet as well as viewing your content on high quality, retina display.

Realtyna Support Center

Simple Support. With a WPL Pro purchase, you get 1 year of free support from our support center. You also have the opportunity to schedule live tutorials or set up backend trainings with the technical team. You have the ability to open a ticket and set your priority status to reach us day or night.


Helpful Documentation

Help is in your hands. Our Knowledgebase articles are accessible for free by any visitor to our website. Available to you are hundreds of useful, self-help articles, videos and tutorials so you can save a phone call.


100% Risk Free Purchase